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General Questions

How do I buy Finance New Orleans bonds?

Step 1 - Learn about the bonds

Read the Preliminary Official Statement (POS) available from this web site or from the participating brokers to learn more about the bonds, including their security, maturity dates, credit ratings, the types of projects they finance and other information that you may find important to help you make an informed investment decision. This website is not an offer to sell any bonds.

Step 2 - Open a brokerage account

You must have an account with one of the brokerage firms participating in the bond sale, or with another firm that can place an order through a brokerage firm participating in the bond sale. Please check to determine if your broker can place an order through the participating brokers. (If you have a brokerage account, go to Step 3.) If you do not have an account, you may open one and purchase bonds during the Retail Sale Order Period. A list of brokers participating in the sale can be found on the left side of this page. Investors are encouraged to begin the New Account process well in advance of the sale date. Depending on the brokerage firm, internal new account procedures may take some time to process.

Step 3 - Place your order

Contact the broker with whom you have an account, either online or by phone, to get more information about how to buy bonds during the Retail Sales period. Discuss with the broker the number of bonds, the maturity date and the price at which you are willing to purchase the bonds, as well as any questions you may have from examining the Preliminary Official Statement (POS).

What is Finance New Orleans?

Finance New Orleans (FNO) is a housing and development finance agency with a mission to improve the quality of life in New Orleans by investing in affordable housing and economic development programs that produce jobs and wealth for residents. FNO was created by the City Council of New Orleans in 1978, but operates independently of City Hall. FNO’s seven-member Board of Trustees is also appointed by the City Council of New Orleans.

What does FNO do?

As a housing and development finance agency, FNO’s role is to provide the community with financial products and investments that stimulate economic growth. FNO operates as a specialty bank by making investments that are generally unattractive to conventional sources of financing. We offer lending programs that support affordable housing, development and infrastructure projects.

How is the agency funded?

FNO is a self-funded quasi-government that has historically financed its operations with municipal bonds and a limited amount of grant support from other governmental agencies. Moving forward, FNO plans to utilize multiple funding sources including municipal bonds, tax credits, community impact investments and grants. FNO is also an associate member of the FHLB of Dallas with full access to their suite of funding products.