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About Finance New Orleans

Finance New Orleans (FNO) is a housing and development finance agency serving all New Orleanians to better our community. We provide mortgage financing for low-to-moderate income families and credit support for affordable rental and community development projects.

Founded by the City Council of New Orleans in 1978 as the “New Orleans Home Mortgage Authority,” our organization began by recognizing and acting on the demand for more affordable home mortgage financing. Today, FNO operates with a seven-member Board of Trustees appointed by the City Council of New Orleans, however we are not a department or division of the city government.

Since 1979, FNO has invested more than $650 million into the New Orleans economy. Our efforts have been largely focused on homeownership for low-to-moderate income families. These investments have resulted in more than 8,000 mortgage financings and the creation of affordable rental units for families in need.

Our goal for the future is to continue investing in homeownership because we believe it is the foundation of a functional community. In addition to homeownership, we are increasing our investments in multifamily and economic development projects that create stability in our neighborhoods.


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